Run dedicated UT2004 x64 server under Windows 8

  1. Download and extract ""
  2. Download "" and extract to the same directory as the server files
  3. Download "" and extract it to the "System" server directory
  4. Change your "RunServer.bat" to use "ucc-win64.exe" instant of "ucc.exe"
  5. Run it with your config and...
    you may end up with an error like this:
    Log: Log file open, 06/06/14 23:16:42
    Init: Name subsystem initialized
    Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200)
    Init: Version: 3369 (128.29)
    Init: Compiled: Dec  5 2005 03:55:07
    Init: Command line: DM-1on1-Aerowalk?game=XGame.xDeathMatch ini=UT2004.ini log=server.log -lanplay
    Init: (This is Win64 patch version 3369.0)
    Init: Character set: Unicode
    Init: Base directory: C:\dedicatedserver3339\System\
    Init: Ini:UT2004.ini   UserIni:User.ini
    Init: Build label:  Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48]
    Init: Object subsystem initialized
    Log: Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
    Log: Browse: DM-1on1-Aerowalk?Name=Player?Class=Engine.Pawn?Character=Jakob?team=255?game=XGame.xDeathMatch
    Log: Collecting garbage
    Log: Purging garbage
    Log: Garbage: objects: 34709->34701; refs: 390366
    Log: Game class is 'xDeathMatch'
    Log: VERIFY: Class AMasterServerUplink size problem; Script=1712 C++=1744
    Critical: IpDrv C++/UnrealScript class size mismatch
    Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
    Critical: InitSockets
    Critical: UTcpNetDriver::UTcpNetDriver
    Critical: UTcpNetDriver::InitListen
    Critical: ULevel::Listen
    Critical: Listen
    Critical: UGameEngine::LoadMap
    Critical: LocalMapURL
    Critical: UGameEngine::Browse
    Critical: UGameEngine::Init
    Critical: UServerCommandlet::Main
    Exit: Exiting.
    Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 40 MByte 985 KByte 902 Bytes from HD took 0.153000 seconds (0.138000 reading, 0.015000 seeking).
    Log: FileManager: 0.017000 seconds spent with misc. duties
    Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
    Uninitialized: Log file closed, 06/06/14 23:16:44
  6. To fix this copy the files
    • System\IpDrv.dll
    • System\
    • System\IpDrv.u
    from a full UT2004 installation into the server "System" directory and overwrite the old ones
  7. Now execute "RunServer.bat" again, he should now start normally.
    Happy fracking ^^